Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rice Milling Process in Rice Mill

The process of rice milling in Rice Mill is very simple. Rice Mill is an automatic small scale industry. The process starts from cleaning of the paddy rice grains and then continues from hulling to milling. After the envelop of the grains are removed, it is then sent to the polishing chamber of a rice mill where the machine polishes the grain automatically. After the rice is polished it is then sent for grading, sorting and packaging in respective chamber. The whole process that is performed in Tulsi Rice Mill is shown in the video.
Watch this interesting video.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rice Mill: Rice Production in Assam

Assam is the land of Tea and Rice. Assam is a hilly region with full of rain and water. So it is a perfect place for rice and tea cultivation. Assam tea is famous all over the world.
Apart from tea, Assam is also famous for Rice production. Major food for the people of Assam is rice. And the quality of rice produce here is superior to any other rice grain produced in any other part of the country. But Assam always falls short of rice supply in the state. The main reason is damage due to natural calamities like flood and drought. Assam gets excessive rainfall in the monsoon season which causes flood.
Rice cultivated mainly in two crop season in Assam, in the monsoon season and the autumn. Both season produces different quality of rice grains having its own specialty.
People here mainly engage with rice cultivation, production, trading to earn their living. The main crops for all farmer here is rice. There are also many small and big rice traders in Assam which deals in rice business. There are many Rice Mills in these state like Tulsi Rice Mill in Kalaigaon. Kalaigaon is very famous for its quality rice in Assam.
Tulsi Rice Mill established 20years ago, now has a big brand in the Assam. The products of Tulsi Rill Mill is mainly marketed in the Guwahati, the gateway of North-East.